Measure It!

On 2 June last, Damien Mulley ran a Measure It! seminar. The idea of Measure It! was that there would be a few speakers to talk about social media metrics and measurements and then a group exercise to get a few ideas and debate flowing.

The first speaker of the morning was Keith from Realex Payments.

Keith advised that you should know what your key metrics are – for Realex they are customers, transactions and times spent on site. They now have QRCs online – Qualified Realex Commentators – individual members of staff who are allowed represent the company online. They collectively focus on one theme at a time so as not to dilute the company message.

Barry Hand of was next up and gave a very interesting and in-depth presentation on how to measure social media and it’s worth to your business.

Points made include that social media is not free – it takes resources, most importantly time. ROI is a business metric and not the same as social media. Social media is basically communication with your customers but what is the objective of using social medi – you need to work out what it is – more sales? Customer service? Does social media do this for you?

Final speaker of the morning was Stephen O’Leary of O’Leary Analytics.

Stephen gave a really great synopsis of the recent Hunky Dorys campaign, which was entirely run offline but which exploded in the online forum. It was very interesting to see where the noise about these posters and the Hunky Dorys came from – you can see all of Stephen’s data here.

Measure It! was a great insight into how much I don’t know and need to learn about social media in order to use it to the best of it’s ability. If there is another Measure It! I heartily recommend that anyone using social media for business goes to it.

It was free of charge and took place in the Academy Plaza Hotel in Findlater Place, Dublin 1, just off O’Connell Street.