“Celtic Chernobyl”

Last week while all of the Anglo Irish Bank stuff was coming to the fore and they could talk of nothing else on radio, tv and at lunch tables the length and breadth of Ireland, a certain clever man coined the phrase “Celtic Chernobyl”.

While on Newstalk Radio, Dr. Peter Bacon, economist, uttered the phrase. I’m sure he had come up with it long before the interview and dropped it in there hoping that it would capture the attention of the media in the same way that “Celtic Tiger” did. And for a few days it did.

Thankfully, here we are just over a week later and it seems to have died away. There was just something inherently wrong with comparing what, to me, is fantasy money, numbers on a computer screen – to the horrendous and perpetual human suffering caused by the Chernobyl nuclear accident in 1986.

Good riddance to the “Celtic Chernobyl” in more ways than one, I say.